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David Lloyd George



March 1995


David Lloyd George (1863-1945) is probably the greatest international statesman to come from Wales. His influence was very marked on the life of Wales, the United Kingdom and Europe. He was a Liberal member of Parliament for fifty years and served in government as President of the Board of Trade (1905-08), Chancellor of the Exchequer (1908-15), Arms Minister (1915-16) and War Minister (1916). In December 1916 at the height of the First World War he became Prime Minister and held that office until 1922. For the rest of his parliamentary career he was a backbencher. In 1945 he received the title Earl Lloyd-George of Dwyfor two months before his death.

This exhibition was originally prepared in March 1995 to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of his death and focuses on both public and private aspects of his life. The numerous and large collections of materials relating to David Lloyd George at the National Library of Wales were used in its preparation, especially the Lloyd George collection (papers from the Lloyd George family home in North Wales), the A J Sylvester collection (papers of David Lloyd George's personal secretary and assistant for nearly thirty years) and the collection of Lady Olwen Carey Evans (David Lloyd George's daughter). The original exhibition featured a large number of original manuscripts from those collection, printed books (including a large selection of international biographies and historical and political studies of his career), and film and sound recordings.

Two Portraits
Richard Lloyd
Solicitor and Politician
The Llanfrothen Burial Case
Establishment of "Udgorn Rhyddid"
Member of Parliament
Members from Wales
Rebels With a Cause
Wars in South Africa
Jingoism's Enemy
Chancellor of the Exchequer
The People's Budget
First Steps to the Welfare State
Women's Suffrage
The First World War - Minister for Munitions
The First World War - Minister for Munitions
The First World War - War Office
The First World War - Prime Minister
Olwen's Marriage
Paris Peace Conference 1919
Treaty of Ireland
Genoa Conference 1922
Leaving Number 10
In The Wilderness
Lloyd George and the Eisteddfod
One Last Campaign - The "New Deal"
The German Visit
Family Life
Camping in Cwm Ystradllyn
Lloyd George's Other Family
Dame Margaret's Funeral
The Second Marriage
The Funeral of David Lloyd George

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