Posted - 26-02-2016

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EuroVisions: Wales through the Eyes of European Visitors, 1750–2015

A free exhibition with the title “EuroVisions: Wales through the Eyes of European Visitors, 1750–2015 / EwrOlwg: Cymru drwy Lygaid Teithwyr Ewropeaidd” is on tour through Wales until early summer this year. The exhibition is part of the AHRC-funded project “European Travellers to Wales, 1750–2010” which is jointly undertaken by Bangor University, the University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies and Swansea University. The three-year project has already identified over 350 travel accounts in which visitors from the European mainland describe their journeys around Wales since the mid-eighteenth century.

“EuroVisions” complements these accounts as it focuses on works of art that have been inspired by the landscape, sites of industry and the people of Wales. The National Library of Wales has kindly contributed to the content of the exhibition in lending some of their valuable artwork, some of which has never been on public display.

The exhibition shows a broad range of works by artists from Switzerland, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Austria and Poland from the Romantic period up to the present. Interestingly, refugees from mainland Europe form a significant presence among the identified writers escaping war and political persecution since the eighteenth century. The principal investigator of the project, Professor Carol Tully, Bangor University, points out, ‘“EuroVisions” is a wonderful opportunity for us to bring our research to a wider audience and to show just how varied the European view of Wales has been over time.’

During summer 2015, “EuroVisions” had been on display in Ceredigion Museum, Aberystwyth, before it travelled to Swansea Museum in autumn 2015 where it was on show until late January 2016. After a short break, “EuroVisions” will return for its final display (9 April to 2 July 2016) in the newly renovated Storiel museum, Bangor.

The “European Travellers to Wales” team are happy to answer any queries about the travelling exhibition or the project. Please contact You can also visit the Virtual Exhibition.

Free interactive educational material for Keystages 2 & 3 are available for download from the Welsh Government educational website Hwb: Ffoaduriaid i Gymru (Welsh) and Refugees to Wales (English).


Guest blogger Dr Rita Singer, Research Assistant, University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies


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