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Top 50 Welsh Women’s Archives at the National Library

To coincide with Welsh History Month in the Wales Online on the theme of women in history (#histwomen and #WelshHistory) here is selection of archives of women writers, authors, poets, artists, politicians, campaigners and musicians.
We aim to collect archives which reflect the history and cultures of Wales and are still actively collecting so that our collections are relevant to researchers.
Let us know if you have an archive of historical importance and we can advise on what would be valuable to keep and the most appropriate place of deposit. We work closely with the Women’s Archive Wales, County Council records offices and University archives to safeguard valuable documents for the future.
The Gwyneth Lewis Papers are in the process of being catalogued and should be available in the Summer, so keep checking our catalogue for new collections here:

Top 50 Welsh Women’s Archives at the National Library. These are some of the collections that are already described online:

Gillian Clarke Papers:
Papurau Norah Iasaac:
Papurau Angharad Tomos:
Papurau Kate Roberts:
South Wales Women’s Temperance Union Papers:
Cassie Davies Papers:
Brenda Chamberlain MSS:
Brenda Chamberlain papers, NLW MS 24065E:
Brenda Chamberlain letters NLW MS 23788E:
Brenda Chamberlain Papers NLW ex 2436:
Myfanwy Pryce Papers:
Olwen Caradoc Evans Papers:
Papurau Dyddgu Owen:
Eirene White Papers:
Alison Bielski Papers:
Papurau Annie J. Parry:
Beata Brookes Papers:
Berta Ruck Archive:
Beti Hughes Papers:
Brynbella ‘Piozziana’:
Papurau Carys Bell:
Lady Olwen Carey-Evans Papers:
Papurau Cassie Simon:
Councillor Cecilia Barton Papers:
Cecily Williams-Ellis Papers:
Ceinwen Rowlands papers:
Constance Bullock-Davies Papers:
Dora Thatcher Papers:
Dorothy Sylvester Papers:
Elizabeth Baker Papers:
Florrie Hamer Papers:
Frances Stevenson Family Papers:
Gertrude Painter Manuscripts:
Grace Williams Music Manuscripts:
Gwen John manuscripts:
Gwen Rees Roberts Papers:
Hilda Morgan Music Manuscripts:
Jan Morris Papers:
Jill Hutt Papers:
L. Eirlys Williams Papers:
Papurau Lilian Rees:
Mali Evans Family Papers:
Mary Williams Papers:
Margiad Evans Papers:
Mary Garbett Edwards Papers:
Bernice Rubens Papers:
Papurau Mati Rees:
Maxwell Fraser Papers
Papurau Marion Eames:
Menna Gallie:
Monica Rawlins Papers:
Marion Warren Williams Papers:
Myfanwy Pryce Papers:
Myfanwy Bridges Papers:
Papurau Rachel Mary Davies:
Rose Mabel Lewis Papers:
Papurau Tegwen Clee:
Winifred Coombe Tennant Papers:
Papurau Winnie Parry:
Young Women’s Christian Association (Welsh Division) Records:
Papurau Zonia M. Bowen (Merched y Wawr):
South Wales Women’s Support Group Papers:
Ian and Thalia Campbell Papers: Papers relating to Greenham Common Women:
Aberystwyth Peace Network Records: Correspondence and papers concerning Greenham Common Peace Camp:
Jane Edwards: Dros fryniau Bro Afallon, NLW MS 21610E
Jane Edwards: Cadno Rhos-y-Ffin, NLW MSS 22366C, 22367-8D a NLW MS 22369D
Jane Edwards: Miriam, NLW MS 21611E
Llangollen Women’s Suffrage Society: NLW MS 22636:
Greenham Common diary: NLW MS 23901i-iiC:



Yes – that’s more than 50! and there are others which are still to be catalogued, so please get in touch with us if  you have an enquiries on

Nia Mai Daniel

Head of Archives and Manuscripts Section

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