Posted - 18-04-2011

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London Calling!

As an exhibition curator, I am constantly on the lookout for ideas that will inspire me whilst presenting information and interpreting the Library’s collections. So, when urged to pack my suitcase and book a hotel in London for a couple of days to visit as many museums and exhibitions as possible, I did so without any hesitation!

My two days in London went a little like this…..British Library, British Museum, Imperial War Museum, World Rugby Museum, Cinema Museum, Royal Academy and last but not least the Victoria and Albert Museum (and quite a few coffee breaks in between!).

It is fair to say that the footfall of visitors to some of these museums and exhibitions is a fraction higher than that of the National Library of Wales, but our aims are of a similar nature: to promote collections and enhance the visitor experience.

Inspiration was hurled at me from every direction and I left London with copious amounts of ideas and creative energy. The flamboyancy and grandeur at the V&A; left me speechless; the passion and quirkiness at the Cinema Museum was infectious; and the British Library‘s original and creative concepts in the ‘Evolving English’ exhibition were very impressive.

My task now is to absorb everything I saw in London and incorporate and develop certain aspects as I attempt to interpret collections and curate future shows. Some of the ideas and concepts will certainly keep the exhibition team on the edge of their seats!

Carys Mai

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