The National Library of Wales Journal

ISSN 1758-2539

The National Library of Wales Journal was founded in 1939. Its main purpose is to enable researchers to publish articles or short notes based on the Library’s collections. Contributions may appear in English or in Welsh.

In 2008 it was decided that the Journal should only appear in electronic format allowing the general public free access to its contents. Materials will appear as they become available.

We would welcome the submission of possible materials for publication. Please forward articles or short notes to Pedr ap Llwyd, Editor, The National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion SY23 3BU (01970 632 952 or



No 1 (2014)

No 2 (2015)

No 3 (2016)

Volume XXXV

No 1 (2010)

No 2 (2011)

No 3 (2012)

No 4 (2013)

Volume XXXIV

No 3 (2008)

No 4 (2009)

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