Independent Chapels of Wales: History Books and Pamphlets

Welsh Congregationalist Chapels of the United States

  • Bethel Welsh Congregational church of Christ, Slatington, Pennsylvania: anniversary edition, 1883-1983, [s.l.: s.d.], [13]pp.
  • John C. Blackman: The Jones Road Congregational church [Cleveland, Ohio]: one hundredth anniversary, 1858-1958, [s.l.: 1958], [16]pp.
  • Centennial program of the Welsh Congregational church, Columbus Junction, Iowa, 1846-1946: anniversary Sunday, June 30, 1946 [s.l.: s.d.], [8]pp.
  • T[homas] C[ynonfardd] Edwards: Welsh Congregational Church, Edwardsville, Pennsylvania: the jubilee memorial, 1868-1918, (Wilkes-Barre:Caxton Press, 1918), 102pp.
  • Edward George Hartmann: The history of the Welsh Congregational church of the City of New York, (Swansea, 1969), 40pp.
  • First Welsh Congregational Church, Plymouth, Pennsylvania (a suburb of Wilkes-Barre): 100th anniversary, 1864-1964, (Wilkes-Barre, 1964), [20]pp.
  • David Jones: Memorial volume of Welsh Congregationalists in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.: their churches, periodical convocations, clergy and prominent lay members, (Utica, New York, 1934), viii, 360pp.
  • J. Vincent Jones: Welsh Congregational church, Gomer, Ohio: history, constitution, by-laws, 1833-1915, (Lima, Ohio, 1915), [24]pp.
  • Vincent Jones: The saga of the Central South Welsh Congregational Association and Y Gymanfa, 1840-1954, [s.l.: 1954], 22pp.
  • Vincent Jones: The saga of the Welsh Congregational church, Lawrence Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1840-1952, [s.l.: 1952), 35pp.
  • John H. King: 150th anniversary Junedale United Church of Christ (Coleraine Congregational) Junedale Pa., (former names: Beaver Meadow Welsh, Coleraine Welsh Congregational), (Hazleton, Pa., 1987), [28]pp.
  • V.E. Lewis: Memorial book: a brief account of the outstanding events of the Welsh Congregational church, Edwardsville, Pa., for the past ten years, 1918-1928, (Edwardsville, Pa., 1928), 62pp.
  • Miner Congregational church (formerly Mill Creek), Pennsylvania: 50th anniversary of the edifice and the rededication services, November 7-8-11, 1945. (Wilkes Barre, 1945), 13pp.
  • Alfred J. Reese: The Welsh Congregational church of Lansford, Carbon County Pennsylvania, preservation society: restoration ceremony Abbott-Center Streets, Lansford, Pennsylvania, Sunday, August 17, 1986, (Lansford, 1986), [44]pp.
  • William T. Richards: A brief history of the English Congregational church, Lansford, Pennsylvania: founded by the Welsh, English in services, [s.l.: s.d.], Typescript, 2 leaves
  • Second Welsh Congregational church, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania: 100th anniversary, 1883-1983, [s.l.: s.d.], [12]pp.
  • Sixtieth anniversary of church charter: first Welsh Congregational church, Scranton, Pennsylvania, 1864-1924, [Scranton Pa.,: 1924], 16pp.
  • Danielle K. Wells: Rehoboth Welsh chapel, Delta, York Co., Pa, [s.l.: s.d.], [4]pp.

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