Reports of the Commissioners of Inquiry into the State of Education in Wales

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Part 2: Brecknock, Cardigan, Radnor and Monmouth

Title Page

  1. Mode of Inquiry

  2. Summary of School Statistics

    Day-school Summary; Numbers and Ages of Scholars compared with population; Stay at School and Ages; Parochial Abstract; Numbers at Day-schools; Number of children in statu pupillari; Parishes without Day-schools; Probable number destitute of day-schooling; Notion of parents as to duration of schooling; Winter-schools; Scarcity of young children at school; Scarcity of female education; Town children; Classes of Schools

  3. Income of Schools and Schoolmasters Meagre Income of Schools; Endowments; Mrs. Bevan's Schools; Subscriptions and School Pence; Failure of independent local efforts; Desire for Government aid

  4. Tenure and Character of Shoolhouses and School Apparatus Tenure and condition of Schools; Schoolhouses; Books, Apparatus; Ventilation; Comparative character of Schoolhouses in the three counties

  5. The System of Teaching; The Schoolmasters Incompetency of the Schoolmasters; System of teaching; The elliptical system; Moral training; Writing; Tolearable Schools without system; Monitorial system; Systems and method of instruction and School inspection; Simultaneous instruction; Visitors; Want of system in Adventure and Dame Schools; Discipline and punishments; Want of training for Masters; Previous callings of Schoolmasters and Schoolmistresses; Ages; Age of teachers; Poverty of the Schoolmasters; Income of Schoolmasters; Low standard of payment prevents the income being raised; Evidence of the incompetency of the Schoolmasters; Morals of Schoolmasters; Fresh means of paying Schoolmasters essential; Want of Normal Schools

  6. Subjects of Instruction; Attainments of Scholars Universality of English Day-Schools, and desire of the poor to teach English to their children; English imperfectly learnt; Reading; Meaning of words not of religion; The Church Catechism; Instances of ignorance of the Church Catechism; Writing; Arithmetic; Geography; Drawing, History, and Grammar; Singing; General information; Extracts from Notes of Schools; Llanelly Church School; Schools deserving praise; Church Schools, St. David's Brecknock; Nantmel Church School; Church School at Tyr-yr-Abad; Adventure Schools; Llanwenog Adventure School; Presteigne Endowed School; Mrs. Bevan's Church School at Llangoedmore; Mydroilyn School; Statistics of subjects and scholars in each

  7. Sunday-School and Their Statistics Sunday-school statistics; Conclusions from the foregoing table; Average attendance at Sunday-schools; Church Sunday-schools; Dissenting Sunday-schools; System of teaching in Dissenting Sunday-schools; Evidence on Sunday-schools; Discipline and instruction in Sunday-schools

  8. Moral and Physical Condition of the People Condition of the population; Dwellings of the people; Physical condition of the mining population; Immoral character of the population; Morals in Brecknockshire, Cardiganshire, Radnorshire; Morals in towns; Perjury; General conclusions on morals; Absence of great crimes; Morals in the mining disctricts; General ignorance of the people; Prevalent superstitions; Evidence of ignorance; General intelligence, capacity, and merits of the people

  9. The Welsh Language Perjury in courts of justice; Its evils; Evidence of them; Probable extent of the progress of English

Appendix A: Evidence
Appendix B: Notes of Parishes and Schools
Appendix C: Parochial Summary of Day and Sunday Schools
Appendix D: Census of Population in Llanvair, Clydogan and Cellan, in Cardiganshire
Appendix E: Rules for conducting Mrs. Bevan's Charity-Schools in Wales
Appendix F(1): Letters on New Dissenting Schools in Cardiganshire desiring grants
Appendix F(2): Report of the Committee at Llandyssil, Cardiganshire, on Government Grants
Appendix G(1 & 2): Christ College Free Grammar-School, Brecknock
Appendix H: On the Welsh Monthly Periodicals published in South Wales, 1847
Appendix I(1 & 2): Condition of the poorer classes of persons in the Rhayader Union
Appendix J: Letter from the Rev. W. L. Bevan on the System of Writing from Dictation in the National Schools at Hay

Report on Monmouthshire

Reasons for including Monmouthshire in the Inquiry; Extent of the District; Increase of Population; Parochial abstract of Schools and Population; How far the Statistics to be relied on; Day School Statistics; Their results; Attendance; Causes of non-attendance at School; Youthful age at which Schooling ends; Duration of attendence; Love of gain the strongest impediment to Education; Teachers, their training and incomes; Income of Schools; Schools connected with Iron-works; Evil of the system; Table of Income of Schools; Tenure and character of School-houses; The Teachers' previous occupations; System of instruction and extent of acquirements; System of instruction and discipline; Notes of Schools; Sunday schools; Activity of the Dissenting laity in Sunday Schools; The character of the people of the District; Hostility between Masters and Men; The misconduct of Employers; Dislike of the Employers to provident habits among Men; Drinking bouts; Truck system; Physical degradation of the people; Ignorance prevailing among the people; Superstitions; Evidence.

Appendix A: Rough notes of Parishes and Schools by the Assistants
Appendix B: Statistics of Day and Sunday Schools in detail

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