Reports of the Commissioners of Inquiry into the State of Education in Wales

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Part 3: North Wales, comprising Anglesey, Carnarvon, Denbigh, Flint, Meirioneth and Montgomery

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Number of Schools and Scholars, compared with extent of several counties and density of inhabitants; Origin and classification of Schools; Date of establishment; Professed object

School-rooms, number and capacity compared with demand for Education; Miscellaneous buildings, description of; Precarious tenure; Apparatus insufficient; Books ill selected; Materials for teaching English

Income of teachers; Class from which taken; Sex; Age; Physical condition; Collateral employments; Qualifications: first, intellectual, knowledge of the English language; Methods adopted for secular English; Reading; Writing; Arithmetic; Higher secular subjects; Holy Scripture; Catechisms; Secondly, moral qualifications: discipline and general moral influence; Methids of punishment; Specific training of Teachers; Object of Normal Schools misunderstood

Individual instruction; Monitorial, effects of; Simultaneous; Inspection, neglect of; Results; Abstract of Schools in abeyance; Defective inspection; Promoters uneducated; or misapprehend the Education required

Number of Scholars; Average daily attendance; Sex; comparative Education of Males and Females; Age of prevailing Education; Pupils between 10 and 15 years; Age of least Education; Infant Schools; Duration of attendance; Distance of Scholars from school; Inferences; Attainments of Scholars classified; Results of Examination of 19,521 Scholars in all subjects professed; Knowledge chiefly Religious; Extent illustrated; Varies inversely with repetition of Catechisms; Fundamental error in Welsh Education

School Funds; Imperfectly distributed; First, Endowments: breaches of trust; Schools in abeyance; Or useless; Madam Beavan's Locomotive Schools; Secondly, Benefactions of rich and payments of poor applied to maintain conflicting Schools; Fatal results of social division

First, Secular Instruction; Night Schools; Mechnics' Institutes; Reading Rooms; Circulating Libraries; Secondly, Religious Instruction; Sunday Schools, statistics of; Nature and object; Course of proceeding in

    Results of present system; Imperfect civilization; First, in language; Literature; And general intelligence of the people; Farmers; Tradesmen; Sailors; Quarrymen; Secondly, in social and moral condition of agricultural counties; Towns; Carnarvonshire quarries; Mining districts on English border; And manufacturing towns of Montgomeryshire; The besetting vice of North Wales

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